Meet the Fellows

Meet our 2016-2017 Cohort


2gno.me (“To know me”) addresses the challenge of self-awareness about soft skills and behaviors. The SaaS platform enhances awareness and personalizes learning to address skill gaps. A simple solution to a complex people and culture challenge. Gold award at the 2016 Re-Imagine Education competition.



Caseworx is the only platform that brings interactive video and scenario-based story training to Corporate and Higher Education. We give Educators the tools to create dynamic, immersive environments, with cinematic, customized scenarios that are completely interactive, modifiable and offer unprecedented visibility into Learner behaviors. And we help build Staff & Students into smart, strategic decision-makers, with choose-your-own-ending scenarios and a powerful collaboration space to keep connected with teammates. Caseworx is the next major leap for multimedia decision-based training.


Innovative X

Innovative X creates tools and resources for idea development through an online platform called IDEA ESSENTIALS TM which produces customized, step by step roadmaps based on user interactions to take any idea from concept to full commercialization to include validation, intellectual property protection, business building, scaling up and preparation to receive funding. The team consists of Daryl Gibson and Barbaro Diaz.



Litmus is a Math learning platform that gives every student access to an affordable personal digital tutor. By utilizing artificial intelligence our platform helps students solve their work line by line letting them know if they make a mistake and helping them with tips and videos when their stuck. Litmus also learns how students learn by gathering data on their performance to further aid them to meet their goals.


At NeuroTinker, our mission statement is “Build Your Own Brain with NeuroBytes!” What better way for students and maker enthusiasts to learn about the nervous system than by constructing one of their own? Our NeuroBytes are small, neuron shaped circuit boards that each simulate the behavior of one neuron. An LED integrated into each NeuroBytes module provides feedback about its activity level. Neural circuits are constructed by connecting NeuroBytes together using excitatory or inhibitory “neurotransmitter” cables. Similar to the real brain, these circuits can be triggered by environmental sensors and produce motor output. NeuroBytes BrainBuilders are only limited by their imagination!

Nomster Chef

Nomster Chef is on a mission to raise a healthier generation of kids and a happier generation of parents by teaching kids to cook. Nomster Chef is the only family cooking platform with engaging step by step digital recipes and videos designed so even preschoolers feel like expert chefs and parent sous chefs feel more confident cooking with kids. Cooking with Nomster Chef is the ultimate parenting hack: meal prep, family bonding, a healthy habit, and an educational experience all in one. Nomster Chef: Making mealtime family fun time.



“TriviaNote is the first smart study platform, which saves students time by automatically creating study resources from their personal notes in a social environment that fosters engagement through gamification. TriviaNote accomplishes this by utilizing natural language processing to create player vs. player trivia challenges and flashcards based on the notes students take in TriviaNote’s real-time collaborative note-taker. By creating a social and engaging environment that also centralizes the tools that students use most into a cross-platform application, studying has never been easier, and it has never been more fun!”