2015 Fellows

Animat, LLC

Prima Lingua is a preparatory course designed for students who are about to begin their first year of language study. The problems Prima Lingua addresses: many U.S. schools offer only exposure-based language classes before 7th grade; some offer problematic “survey” courses at the beginning of middle school; some offer nothing at all. Prima Lingua uniquely addresses these needs by taking a comparative approach to studying world languages and transforms students into language learners.


Byndr is a mobile-first learning management system for higher education in emerging markets (and under-served markets in the U.S.). Our first focus market is India, where 60% of the internet users are mobile, and that is expected to be at 80% in 2017. Our product is simple, lightweight, and all consumable on a smartphone. A large number of students in emerging markets only access the internet via their mobile device, and therefore; infrastructure heavy, desktop based systems just don’t fit. Byndr goes where these products can’t, with a mission to provide a mobile connected platform for colleges and their students.
Our web platform and native android app is live and we have active colleges on our platform in India and the US. Byndr was a winner at the Milken-Penn GSE education competition for best product in higher education.


CourseLab is an interactive syllabus creation and sharing platform that lets college professors design courses, manage courseware, and discover content seamlessly. CourseLab’s mission is to help professors improve the quality of college-level teaching through the development of cloud-based, collaborative, and data-driven course and instructional design tools, and providing higher-education professionals with the resources to connect with others and share ideas so they can design courses that are valuable to students. CourseLab aims to address the core needs of professors and higher education institutions, including creation of  a smart, responsive interface, valuable productivity tools, quality courseware, building professional learning communities, and Personal & institution-wide improvement through analytics.

Ironwill Kids

Ironwill Kids provides innovative nutrition education to create healthier students who perform better academically. They do this through their evidence based program, created in collaboration with Teachers College, Columbia University. The company has been in operation for 5 years and is in over 100 middle schools and after-school organizations, serving 6000 students. Their dynamic program imparts cutting edge skills that power kids with healthy living.


Kidogo is a social enterprise that improves access to high-quality Early Childhood Care and Education in urban informal settlements for less than $1 / day. Kidogo achieves this through an innovative “hub-and-spoke” model, where we combine the sustainability of our best practice community child-care “hubs” with the scalability of micro-franchised “spokes” operated by local mama-preneurs. Through our network of daycares & pre-schools, Kidogo provides young children all the building blocks they need to holistically thrive during their most important “early years.” Founded in 2014, Kidogo is a start-up organization with ambitious plans for transforming the early childhood landscape in East Africa and impacting millions of children in the process.

Project Indus

Project Indus is an online platform showcasing student stories. We’re an open community reinventing content creation from the bottom up so students and teachers can access connected learning, allowing them to tell their own personal stories through various literary or artistic mediums (e.g. writing, art, photography or video). Our mission is to give students an opportunity to share and learn from peers in an authentic way, preparing students for a more interconnected and culturally diverse world.


SmartTrack is addressing inventory and asset management in large, low-income school districts using mobile based platforms. SmartTrack examines process failures and uses the mobile apps to streamline the ways in which schools get the resources purchased for students, to the students.

2014 Fellows

21st Century Brilliance, LLC

21st Century Brilliance matches high school students’ need for academic advising with their affinity and demand for technology-based convenience through the creation of a college counseling smartphone app.

321 eLearning

321 eLearning will create a learning and engagement platform for members of the Down community. 321 eLearning will develop research-based content by bringing the subject matter experts directly to the families who need the knowledge.


CuriousBee provides a platform for listing and searching for continuing-education classes, connecting educators, entrepreneurs and students.


EdConnective redefines teacher training for 50,000 teachers of at-risk students by equipping teachers with the advanced skills necessary to make all students college and career ready.


Edumize is a learning platform that allows students to save their class notes and share them in order to boost the communication between students who are taking the same course (online or offline) or the people who are interested in that topic.


The JustMaybeCo. Publishing Project is a community empowered publishing imprint, which serves as a literacy intervention program for students in Grades 8-12.

Open Assembly

Open Assembly is an affordable toolkit for next-gen open education. It promotes co-teaching and colearning within networks that exceed the temporal boundaries of learning pathways.

Propagate, Inc.

Propagate is an adaptive vocabulary learning system that embeds customized vocabulary support directly into any digital text in any context, whether it’s news, social media, or academic reading.


Ubongo creates localized educational and edutainment content for African students and deliver it on multiple platforms with an initial focus on high penetration mass media.



2013 Fellows


An e-learning company committed to creating vibrant online learning communities through interactivity.


Raise Labs is transforming the way students access financial support by gamifying aid in the form of micro-scholarships.


scrible aims to make web-based research more efficient, providing users with in-browser tools that saves time and labor.